B r e a t h  E A S Y 


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 A breakthrough in clean air

Sedona is an integrated scalable solution for the management of air quality in your home or workplace. 

Using patented technology, Sedona scrubs the air of 99.9% of all suspended particles using state of the art HEPA quality filters, and eliminates airborne pathogens, viruses and bacteria using its industry leading SedonaUVPure™ solid state ultraviolet SteriTube™ technology.

Rigorously tested in leading laboratories in the US and the UK we have proven our ability eliminate viruses and bacteria in the air, everything from hard to kill super bugs like anthrax to more common viruses like the flu.

Take control of your environment and breath easy once again! 

Ground Breaking Features and Technology

Sedona has employed a number of patented features that revolutionize the purification of your environment. By combining cutting edge technologies, our users are able to rely on an integrated set of revolutionary features, ensuring all you breath is good, clean healthy air.

Complete monitoring & control from anywhere

Control your home's air quality with SedonaRemote™, an intuitive iOS™ and Android™app that constantly monitors operating conditions, air quality and air flow.  SedonaRemote™ is a fully featured and integrated monitoring and control system for comprehensive management of your environment and collaboration with the Sedona Community and our customer service capabilities. 


Autoship new filters before you run out

Our HEPA filters are especially secured so that you can be assured that only the finest industry standard filters are used. Our SedonaRemote™ system monitors the filter's performance and age to ensure that replacement filters are shipped to you just as you require new ones, ensuring your filters and systems operate 100% optimally all year round. 

kill viruses and bacteria using industry leading solid-state UV LEDs

UV disinfection is a widely-proven process used extensively in applications such as water treatment and surface sanitation for its low cost and convenience. As a physical rather than chemical process, UV is eco-friendly, without the need to generate, handle, transport, or store potentially hazardous chemicals. However, conventional UV approaches have difficulties which limit utilization. Current devices employ low pressure tubes containing mercury to produce UV output. Such devices are very expensive, cumbersome, and have limited effective life.

SteriDuct™ technology, which forms the hearts of our SedonaUVPure™ system, completely obliterates all airborne volatile organic compounds, including viruses and bacteria that cause the spread of airborne diseases. No other unit on the market has the ability to sanitize our air with the speed and efficiency of our patented SteriTube and SedonaUVPure™ technologies.

High performanceUV LEDs are enclosed in SteriDuctTM.  Advanced analytical tools are used to optimize airflow mixing UV illumination to reduce pathogen levels by a thousand.  This compact design eliminates bulk and risk of conventional UL fluorescent tubes.

Unparalleled air circulation without compromizing efficacy

Because of the highly effective pathogen mitigation technology of SedonaUVPure, the ability of the Sedona unit to circulate air effectively while at the same time maintaining our ability to eliminate pathogens is unrivaled. In laboratory testing, a 2000 cubic foot room was reduced to operating room pathogen levels with in 45 minutes. 

Combine units for a complete integrated solution

With Sedona's integrated and intelligent monitoring system, very large rooms and buildings can be protected using Sedona's patented technology by combining more than one unit into a stacked solution to manage the needs and performance levels specific to your use case.

clean air is healthy air

Vulnerability to pathogen attack increases as individuals are exposed to fine particle, fungal and chemical pollutants.  Children, seniors and those with chronic illnesses or undergoing chemotherapy are significantly more at risk due to pollutants.  The Sedona system embodies HEPA and VOC industry leading filtration elements, achieving air quality that reduces stress on our immune system.

Sedona embodies a highly effective, breakthrough solid-state UV LED that achieves better than 99.9% reduction in pathogens ranging from common illnesses to superbugs that inhabit hospitals.  The reduction in pathogens reduces the probability of infection.

Stronger immune systems with reduced concentrations of pathogens in the environment is a system solution to improve air quality leading to a healthier you.


Control your environment

Sedona Remote™ A new standard in clean air


  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • Complete history of air quality for all devices in your environment
  • Automated alerts when the air becomes unhealthy
  • Auto-shipping of our SedonaUVPure™Filters so you are never kept waiting
  • 24x7 monitoring of our SedonaUVPure™ active LED system
  • Intelligent adjustment of SedonaWindTunnel™performance with alerts when airflow is low
  • Stackable configuration of Sedona that enable it to operate as a comprehensive whole environment air management solution
  • Comparative analysis of air quality in comparison to the Sedona Community worldwide
  • Chat with our helpful 24x7 support center to resolve any problems
  • Remotely switch off and turn on your Sedona Environment
  • Sleep feature ensures the system is not running when you don't need it.

Our differentiators 

  • Air quality impacts Quality of Life – improved air improves health and promotes productivity and well-being.

  • Typically, air quality comprised of particulates and chemical vapors in the air.

  • Significant deaths are attributed to adverse health impact of particulates and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)

  • In addition, ongoing chronic illnesses are also caused by these, resulting in disabilities and lost productivity – estimates vary widely.

  • When immune systems of at-risk or even healthy individuals are compromised, the threat of illness caused by airborne pathogens becomes more acute.

  • For home and office applications, Sedona removes the most damaging fine particles from the air. (Meets PM2.5 and PM10.0 recommendations) and predominant VOC's

  • Furthermore, the solid-state UV LEDs effectively kill pathogens, achieving levels with those recommended for hospital rooms.

  • The synergistic benefits of clean air free of harmful pathogen levels provides unique quality of life benefits.